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About Endowment

‘ISAR Dr Sadhana Desai endowment fund’ is conceptualized by Dr Sadhana Desai - a pioneer in infertility treatment in INDIA.

There are many NGOs supporting patients in various medical conditions like cancer, TB etc. However there are none or very few NGOs in India supporting infertility treatment.

Considering increasing number of sub-fertile couples seeking IVF treatment and exorbitant cost involved in it, Dr Desai established this fund in order to extend a helping hand to economically indigent couples.

Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR) graciously agreed to be part of this noble cause and formed a subdivision in the organization to take care of logistics of the project.

This Fund provides aid of Rs. 50,000/- to eligible couples undergoing IVF in India.

The eligibility criteria and application process can be viewed by clicking appropriate thumbnail on this webpage.

Decision of fund disbursement on valid applications is collectively taken by a committee of 5 members appointed by Fund management. Consisting of

  • Dr Sadhana Desai, chairperson of the Fund
  • 2 nominees appointed by ISAR
  • 2 nominees appointed by Dr Sadhana Desai

Monetary contributions to the fund are mainly from Dr. Sadhana Desai or her charitable trust. Other individuals or entities may also contribute to the fund. Such contribution may be in cash or in kind which will be distributed based on the requirement of the beneficiaries.

Applications for assistance through eligible IVF centres will be considered quarterly and preferably applications from only one zone will be considered for a particular quarter. The applications from that zone will be considered again only after the turn of all other zones are over. Or if insufficient applications are received from other zone.

The decision of the committee regarding selection of the applicants, payment of assistance and distribution of assistance in kind will be final.

The above terms and conditions are subject to modifications based on suggestions of the Fund managing committee at their discretion.

Quarter Preference to Application From
January - March East & Central Zone
April – June North Zone
July – September West Zone
October – December South Zone