From the President's Desk


It is with great pleasure and humility that I want to thank all of you for electing me to this post. After a fantastic year of being FOGSI president and working on “Give Her Wings and Let Her Soar” and “Adbhut Matrutva” which was picked up by the GOI for the women of our country, I cannot wait to roll out some new concepts for ISAR that would drive us “Towards Better Practices, Better Outcomes”, which is my theme for this year.

My dear friends, the road ahead is quite challenging, in the current scenario less than 20% IVF clinics operating in India are registered. There is a wide spread mushrooming of infertility clinics and a major lack of accountability in practice. The Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction is one of the prime organisations in the field of infertility in the world, with more than 3600 members, it has the strength to drive a clear message of quality forward. The world is looking at us now, in terms of the amount of work we are doing and the kind of professionals we have in our organisation, we are destined for greater heights, but nothing comes easy and it will require your dedication and hard work.

The Focus of ISAR this year is going to be on taking India towards better practices, better outcomes. We have done immensely well in establishing ART in the country but now let’s shift to standardising ART practice in our beloved country. The events that have been planned for the year are all in accordance to this theme.

The major highlights of the year are going to be:

  • The Consensus Statements (25-26 May, New Delhi) with the sister organisations and that's something that will definitely impact and improve infertility practice in India.
  • We also have 7 amazing Masterclasses to look up to, covering important but widely neglected topics, so look out for them.
  • The YUVA ISAR (16-18 Aug, Agra) will work to promote our extremely talented youngsters and mould them into leaders of tomorrow and the embryology ISAR for our backbone- the embryologists who deserve all the credit for quietly working behind the scenes.
  • This year will also include a lot on the social front - Our Public Forums and Youtube Films would help in educating our masses. – Main Banjh Nahin Hoon
  • Let’s not leave the paramedical behind and I intend to start a Fertility Nurse Training Course this year.
  • We also plan to hold a Hep B Vaccination for our staff on 25th may for which I urge all of you to do a small survey in your hospitals and get back to us with the number of unimmunised staff and let us also join hands and celebrate the fertility awareness week in November, looking forward to seeing all of you do a few awareness programs in your cities.
  • We are also going to focus on Standardising Training, our Embryology Course is fantastic and we now intend to open it for the world, also our Certificate Courses are now going to be handled in a more structured way and will be curated according to the need of the participants.
  • We will also be offering Skill Certifications especially for our aspiring junior embryologists so they can get certified in the various modalities available in the lab and also improve on areas where the skill might be lacking.

Much planning has gone into the making of this year and it can only be possible with the support of all of you, we are in talks with insurance companies and are going to propagate the need for insurance in the country and I will be sending a petition to all of you for your support.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

I look forward to your active participation in all activities under the ISAR banner this year. I have been very blessed in my life to be rewarded with such good colleagues and friends in the fraternity and my only aim this year is to bring everyone together. It’s only in unity and togetherness that we can achieve the unachievable.

Towards better practices, better Outcomes
With Love & Regards,

Dr. Jaideep Malhotra
President ISAR 2019-2020